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  "As it is no use for them to read. It don't assistance them to work any much better, and they are not built for the rest."   "Nonetheless they should study the Bible, mamma, to master God's will."

  "Certainly, Eliza, As long as Now we have each other and our boy. O! Eliza, if these men and women only understood what a blessing it is for a man to think that his wife and kid belong to him! I've typically puzzled to see Adult men that could phone their wives and youngsters their own personal fretting and worrying about any-

  Mrs. Shelby ran towards the entry doorway, and was folded from the arms of her son. Aunt Chloe stood anxiously straining her eves out in the darkness.   "O, bad Aunt Chloe!" said George, halting compassionately, and taking her hard, black hand amongst equally his; "I might have provided all my fortune to obtain introduced him with me, but he is long gone to a greater place."   There was a passionate exclamation from Mrs.

training course of instruction within the art and mystery of bed-creating. Topsy, washed and shorn of every one of the small braided tails wherein her heart had delighted, arrayed inside a clean up gown, with perfectly-starched apron stood reverently just before Miss Ophelia, having an expression of solemnity properly befitting a funeral.   "Now, Topsy, I'll demonstrate just how my bed is to be manufactured. I'm pretty specific about my bed. You have to find out accurately how to do it."   "Yes, ma'am," states Topsy, with a deep sigh, as well as a facial area of woful earnestness.   "Now, Topsy, look listed here;—this is the hem with the sheet,—Here is the correct aspect in the sheet, and Here is the Incorrect; you try to remember?"   "Indeed, ma'am," states Topsy, with An additional sigh; but if the good Girl's back again was turned, the young disciple snatched a set of gloves along with a ribbon and adroitly slipped them into her sleeves.

  On a rough bench within the corner, a handful of woolly-headed boys, with glistening black eyes and fat shining cheeks, ended up occupied in superintending the first strolling functions of the newborn.   A table, to some degree rheumatic in its limbs, was drawn out before the fire, and at this table was seated Uncle Tom, Mr. Shelby's best hand—the hero of our Tale. He was a significant, wide-chested, powerfully manufactured guy of a full glossy black, plus a confront whose really African functions ended up characterized by an expression of grave and continual excellent sense, united with Significantly kindliness and benevolence.   He was incredibly busily intent on a slate lying in advance of him, on which he was thoroughly and slowly endeavoring to accomplish a drink your juice shebly shirt replica of some letters, wherein operation he was

Her father and uncle resumed their game, and the kids were remaining alongside one another.   "Did you know, Eva, I don't imply to treat Dodo sick; but, you know, I 've got such a quick temper. I 'm not really

to run off. These yer canines has long been elevated to track niggers; and so they'd jest as before long chaw a single on ye up as try to eat their supper. So, brain yerself! How now, Sambo!" he explained, to the ragged fellow, without any brim to his hat; who was officious in his attentions. "How have factors been going?"

  Then he thought of his noble young learn, and, ever next to that, came the habitual prayer that he experienced always offered for him; then his ideas passed on to The attractive Eva, whom he now thought of Amongst the

to the mattress, which has a blanket over her, and small Ruth rubbing her fingers with camphor. Then she slept as she had not slept just before, For the reason that fearful midnight hour when she experienced taken her baby and fled in the frosty starlight.   She dreamed of a gorgeous state,—a land, it appeared to her, of rest,—eco-friendly shores, pleasant islands, and fantastically glittering water; and there, inside a household which form voices explained to her was a house, she observed her boy enjoying, a no cost and happy kid.

  "So that you can educate, to be sure, and practice in the way she ought to go. In this article, Topsy," he extra, "give us a tune, now, and clearly show us some of your dancing."   The black glassy eyes glittered using a kind of wicked drollery, as well as the thing struck up, in a clear shrill voice, an odd negro melody, to which she held time along with her palms and ft, spinning spherical, clapping her hands, knocking her knees alongside one another, in the wild, great form of your time, and producing in her throat all those odd guttural Appears which distinguish the native music of her race; And at last, turning a summerset or two, and giving a prolonged closing note, as odd and unearthly as that of a steam whistle, she arrived

phatically; "hardly ever had no father nor mother, nor nothin'. I used to be lifted by a speculator, with a great deal of Other individuals. Previous Aunt Sue used to just take auto on us.

"   "What we's to accomplish for cheers, now, I deelar' I don't know," reported Aunt Chloe.   "Aged Uncle Peter sung equally de legs outside of dat oldest cheer, final week." proposed Mose.   "You go extended! I am going to boun' you pulled 'em out; some o' your shines" reported Aunt Chloe.   "Very well, It will stand, if it only retains jam up agin de wall!" explained Mose.   "Den Uncle Peter mus'n't sit in it, lead to he al'ays hitches when he receives a singing. He hitched quite nigh throughout de space, t' other night time," explained Pete.   "Nicely, ole guy," reported Aunt Chloe, "you 'll have to tote in them ar bar'ls."   Two vacant casks were being rolled into your cabin, and secured from rolling, by stones on either side, boards were laid

There is certainly cause to think; and still I don't. It's a troublesome poor pattern I've obtained, Tom."   "If Mas'r would only pray!"

  TWO days after this, Alfred St. Clare and Augustine parted; and Eva, who were stimulated because of the Culture of her young cousin, to exertions past her energy, began to are unsuccessful quickly. St. Clare was ultimately ready to connect with in professional medical assistance,—a matter, from which he experienced usually shrunk, since it was the admission of an unwelcome fact.   Marie St. Clare had taken no detect of the child's little by little decaying health and toughness, simply because she was completely absorbed in finding out out two or three new kinds of illness to which she considered she herself was a target.

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